For The First Time!

The Lady was nominated for a blog award by  Why Am I Here In A Handbasket and she has nominated me. I’m so happy to be a part of this blog award thing. There are lots of wonderful blogs that became my daily readings and it feels like I’m becoming a tiny part of this magical blogosphere. Million thanks to The Lady!

It’s simple. You write seven unknown facts about yourself and nominate fifteen other blogs.

Here we go;

1. I love listening to 90’s pop songs while working out.
2. I was diagnosed by PMDD last year.
3. My husband proposed me in the car on the way home while we were having a little debate. I really don’t remember what it was about but he pulled over the car, held my hand and proposed.
4. I have the weirdest dreams ever. Eating cats, running away from chineese killers, kicking Yoda, buying a sinema ticket with a seat number 7.5, “egg eye” vampires, paintings that are trying to return to their first owners…I’m serious, you can write movie scripts!
5. I can’t touch peaches, ewww…
6. I have a serious tendancy to memorize song lyrics.
7. Last time I cried was….while watching London Olympics 2012..I know I’m weird.

And now some fabulous ladies with their fabulous blogs that I can’t get enough reading ;

Talk 2 The Trees

Beth Retro

Pocket Full Of Pretty

Mustard And Plum

For The Easily Distracted

Here are 5 nominees. It suppossed to be 15 I know and I’ll share the rest as soon as possible.

Again, special thanks to The Lady and WAIHIH for making me feel special in another corner of the earth. They made my day!



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