Days, weeks, months, who knows?

The last few months were really uneasy and It still goes on that way.I couldn’t count how many times I visited the hospital (I guessed friday was the last time but I was wrong..).Still waiting for my torn muscle in my right arm to recover (cause the idiot clumsy nurse tried a muscle surgery while taking blood sample from me!) Trying to get used to my new medicines which make me wake up with an ambisious nausea…Yes I am not healty nowadays…and I had my first cruel meeting at the company last tuesday.( yes Mr.Francou,that was harsh!) But yet I am doing fine.

Actually I am really not in the mood for writing but for 2 days I just have one wish : Visiting Tokyo Disneyland!!! I have visited Disneyland Resort Paris for 3 times and I know every single square meter by heart…But I really wonder the park in Tokyo.So I added to my “Before I Die I Want to…” list,under the “Marry Eeyore” row, “Visit Tokyo Disneyland Resort” (with someone speacial :) ) Image149.

I do want to marry him…


I do miss him…

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