the king has gone

Thanks to my sister who is 4 years older than me,I was grown up on a great classy music range.When our peers were listening this woman we were trying to memorize Like A Prayer with my best friend Sinem (yes her sister and mine were friends also) When broken hearted adolescents were trying to find the meaning of life in Take That or suchlike losers’ lyrics,we were the groupies of KRONIK…And while you were studying your ass off,we were at the age-limited Pentagram concerts,thinking how we could make it the next day,as we had volleyball matches to win! (this reminds me the time when we were kicked out of oratorio haha )

Anyway,like most of us I am deeply sad about Michael Jackson.I just can’t believe that he won’t be able to hear Britney’s next new single.(when it comes to death,I always twaddle.)I remember just on my 25th birthday my little tiger prince Orkun gave the Thriller Album.

Moreover,between closest friends we have promissed that we will do the thriller dance at the wedding party ( at the one who marries first).What’s more I don’t want to detail the video shoot in which we interpret thriller video clip only 2 weeks ago!( I was the girl and one of the zombies at the same time…)
Sure I laughed when It was very popular to make fun of Michael Jackson ( yet when I was 13,studying in Eastbourne we were singing you are not alone,I am plastic too) and I was irritated every time I watch the Hollywood True Story : Michael Jackson because of some troubles he had to face with and his weird attitudes…(arriving court in pj’s???) I don’t want to write over the child abuse things because It is not the way I want to remember him,this how I want to,


He was the King and will remain unchanged….
I just wanted to say good bye to him with my 2 favorite MJ songs;

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