Photo Journal Episode 1

So, this my post in english after a long while. As we are in the arrangement phase of our wedding, 24 hours a day is not enough for me. There are soooooo many things to think, to arrange and to do that I can not believe. I’m over with the reception playlist but I need to complete the dancing playlist. We finally decided on our wedding invitations yesterday! After more than 10 different designs that I made, we settled one of them with a little adjustment with colors. Though It was very stressfull to find the design that made us totally satisfied with, It was super fun! I want to make money from this activity real soon.

And yesterday, I also completed the design of my bachelorette party invitations. We (with my friends) haven’t fixed on a place, but I do want to have a karaoke night that day! I am dying to wear a cone bra like Madonna’s and sing Like a Virgin!

So for my girls (and boys, also) I made this unique and sexy inviation. Hope you enjoy!

(It is not complete btw)
Besides all of these, I placed some of my orders from Etsy. We can say that, It will be a semi-D.I.Y. wedding. I’ll make our wedding favors with Jelly Beans. I ordered 500 hundred pieces of small glassine bags already. Sure they will have some lovely details on them. I am planning to create tons of heart confettis for each table. So I ordered a heart shaped paper punch, too. (and a little something punch la la laaa la laaa) Our wedding place will full of hearts! I go by one by according to the Power Point presentation I made.
These days, we know we have to finalize our honeymoon plans. We still haven’t decided where to go. I’d like to spend that week on an tropical island but Mr. Terziler is anxious about the looooooooong flight by saying that we don’t need to spend our 2 days on road. :) We have 2 options right now and tonight I’ll make my presentation to him for our final decision.
Burry me here.

In addition to my 365 Project, (If you check, the 8th of May is empty because I can not find the photo! It was the mother’s day and we had the best breakfast table so I pictured it but it is lost!) I decided to start a photo journal for us.

We took so many photos and I’d like to organize them in a beautiful and creative (and crafty!) way. I feel so great when I create something so this project is perfect for me. I use so many pretty images in addition to my vintage fabrics. And also the designs from my gifted hands :P I’ll share the progress here by photos. So maybe you can be inspired and create something.

Hope you have a great end of month!

Love ♥

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