Yesss! Summer has arrived! It’s almost mid- june. We, finally had our first ice cream of the season last week.

This summer is wedding crazy! We’ve already attended 2 weddings. And for the coming months, the number continues to increase.
Oh sure, the most important one is on September.

I’ve so much things to do and so busy with our wedding plans.( As if I’m the only one who is going to get married!!!). I’ve tried to determine my summer goals for this year. Yes I’m a virgo. Yes I’m a planner.and yes I live with goals and lists. So, here is my summer goals ladies and gentlemen;

1. Perfect Wedding Day.

Of course my first goal of this summer is having my dream wedding. Thousands of ideas wind my head up! But I want to keep it simple in the first place.
In any case, I think the most important thing of a wedding is the music. We experienced last week, the food and the service is really successfull in our wedding venue. My investigation on music playlist and the orchestra is still going on. I ordered so many cool things from Etsy and E-bay for our wedding photo shoot. There will be a wonderland theme for the shoot and I’ll be the lovely bride Alice with my mad hatter hubby <3 I hope things go sooo well.

2. Get My Hair Done Asap!

First I wanted to get my hair cut. Then to change the color, then promised to not to do anything with it. But now I understand that I have to do something!

3. Having a Tattoo.

After our wedding, I’ll be over with 29 and will be greeting 30! So, as I’ll be a married lady with my new age and start a whole different life ( well, ok maybe not soooo different but please, I’ll have a new surname at the end! ) I want to make a difference and have my first tattoo this summer. Like others, I don’t think that I’m too late for my first tattoo. It is not my fault if I’ve never wanted to carry symbols of momentary desires, on my body during my whole life and If I’ve never wanted a tattoo just because I wanted a tattoo. So this will be my first and It has a great meaning for me. I can’t wait to to share it here. Tattooed ever after!

4. Re-arrange our apartment.

It doesn’t mean a full re-arrangement, we will buy some new furnitures this month such as a new dining table and chairs, a whatnot for the bedroom.
We hired a cleaning lady. She comes weekly and turns our place to a paradise. We just have to re-emplace the rooms a bit. This is our mutual goal for this summer.

My favorite pieces:

5. Work out for at least 30 minutes a day.

Another mutual goal with Monsiuer Terziler. We’ve bought a treadmill last month. We want to get in shape before the wedding. I want to loose 11 pounds. Also I decided to go to the new gym that opened last week just ground floor of our appartment. Oh! Everything is against me and my lovely belly :(

6. Ride my Ivana.

My father gave me a vintage bicycle which I named Ivana. Last year he gave one as a gift for my sister, her name is Helga, and this year it was my turn. It is a lovely old school german bicyle. It’s really special for me as my father used to ride it. He is crazy about vintage bicycles. I haven’t gone for a ride with Ivana yet but we’ll have a photo shoot with her asap!

7. Develop My Blog.

I confess that I can not spend enough time for my blog though I’m dying for it. But I do my best. I’m looking for some sponsors nowadays. And also trying to fit a lovely theme for it. I have to find a pro web master. And I have a new page on which I’ll share my invitation designs. It’s my new occupation. I started while I was trying to design our wedding invitation. Soon, I’ll be sharing them here. Cross finger for some delightful customers!

8. Finish my painting.

I’ve started a painting ( a mustached macho bunny) when my hubby -to- be gave me an easel .
I plan to finish it by the end of this month.

9.Finish My Scrapbook.

I think this is the hardest goal among others. It’s something I want to finish but It takes really too much time as I want every page to be special and unique.
I hope I achieve to finish it by the end of this summer and start our wedding album.

My Scrapbook

10. Sing in a public bathroom.

This is the most important goal ever! I need to find a public bathroom and sing a stupid song! But this one will be easy. We’ll have our honeymoon in a really hot place so we have to get tanned before arriving there. Because we’re both cursed with pale skin. So, we planned to go to a swimming pool and have sun baths regularly. *blink blink*

Next week we’ll be voting for the elections. I don’t want to be political here as I’m REALLY intolerant about the way we are governed . But I do wish to get rid of misfortune we have had for the past few years.

There is also the Father’s Day this month. It is a tradition in our family to get together on every Mother’s and Father’s Day. Looking forward for the crowded and noisy breakfast!

I wish you a beautiful and peaceful summer. Hope everyone can take a vacation.



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