The Best Parents. Ever!!!

Once again, It’s proved that I’ve the best parents ! Here is the proof;


My mother has always a love for antique and vintage. ( Actually, it’s in the family!)  She LOOOOOOOOVEEEEESSSSSSSSS  collecting old stuff for home decorating. ( If you’ve ever been to her living room, you’d understand me…) In fact, a blog post of her stuff would be nice for vintage lovers. I’ll think about it.

Anyway, while my father and her were on a trip to Kastamonu, they bought that lamp which I felt in love immediately. For years, I asked her to give it to me several times. But the answer was so clear.

Yesterday, she came to stay with us for a couple of days, just to organize my trousseau before the wedding. And suddenly,  she came out with this babe in her hands.  And yes! It was looking at me, with a beautiful shape, a really old body and a wonderfull shade, of course with lost jewels on it. Unfortunately it’s alone. There is no pair. ( For now) We have no idea about its age but I know that it’s perfect for our heavenly living room.

And I also know that, there is no words of love and gratefulness to describe what I feel for my parents. I love you. Forever. ♥