Post-Vacation Blues…

It is always the same… The unfuckingbearable dullness of being back to work after a wonderful vacation…


I know, it will wear off after some time. While trying to go back to our normal life, We’ll be dealing with our vacation photos. We had sooooooooooooooo many. ( Thanks to Iphone this year!) We’ll get them delivered and make a big photo album.

And we’re getting married in 3 weeks time! There is way too much stuff  that will keep us busy. We need to make our wedding favors. Today I receive our labels from Rengim Design . They are sooo cute!

And I received a very precious gift from the shop owner, Derya, these cute bride and groom cases for our wedding flutes!

Lots of thanks to her again!

Meanwhile, we became addicted to a new series called  Misfits. Last year, my sister and friends watched and recommend it. Yesterday we watched 4 episodes! We started the second season but today I learned that the third will begin on november :(

Anyway, I’ll be back with a vacation post as soon as possible. I need to update my 365 Project, too!

Well, hope you have a nice week, and shitfaces stay away, hot faces come closer please, hah.

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