D.I.Y. Wedding Favors

I know It looks like I’ll be gushing about our wedding this, our wedding that but I can’t help it! After two weeks, I’ll be a married lady! Believe me, It is unbelievable.  Anyways, I keep the “emotional blog post” for later, a prelude is enough for now…

I do want our wedding day to be very special and unique (like many other brides). So there are (still) tones of things to do by ourselves.  We made our own wedding invitations and wedding envelopes, our custom wedding flutes, some banners for our photo shoot, our wedding favors and even our confettis! I’m so glad and proud to say that,  everything about our wedding is sans pareil! And I swear,  I am not brag bitching! I do work hard for these stuff. So it is my right to mention evey single detail about it. They are aaaaaall hand made.

This week, we’re occupied with our wedding favors.

For these lovely babies, I ordered 500 pieces of mini glassine bags from Michelle Hagerty’s Etsy  shop.

She is so adorable!

The mini bags are 2 inch x 3.5 inch, which are perfect for my dream wedding favors and they are of course USDA and FDA approved.

After I received the bags, I needed labels for them. I wanted them to be matching to our wedding invitations. So I designed the labels. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to get them printed, punched and ribboned. So I found that kind lady, Derya, who has a lovely shop in Pasaj. Thanks to her again, she sent 500 pieces, cut and ribboned labels immediately with a lovely gift.

The candy inside the favors was unquestionably the Jelly Beans!.

So with our punch, this week, we started to tag every single bag. It’s sometimes back breaking but I really have fun and get excited when I check what we’ve done.

Tonight Emre will join us to help. I hope by the end of this week, we’ll complete this mission.

So as guessed, this weekend will be crazy. I’ve my wedding dress rehearsal, we have some invitations to send, start our medication for our honeymoon, have to shop for my henna night, get our vacation photos’ films developped , going to a pool for some sunbath :P  If I have time, I’ll be dealing with uploading some Iphone photos to my Flickr account and write a vacation post about Bodrum. Finally, I updated my 365 Project. It is much more easy with the Iphone application.

I’ve lots of thing to do, to share, to create, soo many projects to realize but I know they should wait. So keep peeping! I’ll be back with lovely inspirational stuff!

By realising today is friday, I wish you a hot weekend.

Bisous ♥