My Fall Goals!

Since  my summer goals are almost fulfilled, I’ve got a few goals for the fall, before the cold winter.

1.Throw a Halloween Party!

This was my dream to give a spooky halloween party for years and yes! This is the time to have my friends for a deadly, zombilicious costumed night.  This weekend I will be drawing a plan for the decorations! So excited about it!


2.Visit Bursa Tofas Anadolu Arabaları Museum.

It’s a shame that we haven’t done that before…

3. Cook everyday.

I’m a wife now. So I need to feed my husband and my children!

My aims is to cook daily and freshly. Not sure if this goal works or not but I’ll give it a try!

4.Organize our vacation, wedding and honeymoon photos.

This one is going to be heavy! Because we have lots and lots and lots of photos, on different cameras.

5.Have my hair cut

By the end of September, I’ll be smiling with my new shiny short hair!

6.Have an anchor tattoo.

Well, If nothing is going to mess my head up, I want to have an anchor tattoo. I thought about having a tattoo for a long time but I couldn’t decided about with which one I’m going to live happily ever after.  An anchor tattoo is very expressive and has a deep meaning. I hope I wont change my mind and have cute little anchor on me!

7. Start work out daily

Except last month, I was really good at working out daily. I’m going to restart my routine as soon as possible.

8. Read french books.

Ok. I admit. I haven’t been a good girl when it comes to reading. But it was all because of the wedding stuff. So starting from now, I’m going to read every single day. Especially books in french.

9. See the entire second season of Misfits

10. Buy myself a wonderfull bithday gift.

Well these are goals for 3 months. I’ve been thinking about my “30 Things before I became 30” I’ll share my list with you anytime I complete. It’s very challenging, I warn you…

Hope you have a nice weekend!

Bisous! ❤


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