Busy As A Bee!

Like everyone else, we are ALWAYS waiting for the weekend to come and not to go! But since we got married we didn’t have a relaxing weekend. We’re always here and there. Invited to breakfast, invited to dine at home , to dine out. Thousands of stuff to do, changing the lights’ sockets, shopping, visiting friends who broke their bones! ( Yes we have so many!)…

Last weekend we went to Istanbul. I like the weekends there but it’s really back breaking. Because there are always so much things we want to do, so many friends to see, so many drinks and shots to drink  :P

But this weekend I visited Yusuf to have my hair cut. The first thing I did on saturday morning was going to his saloon. I’m soooo happy with my new hair.

Once I heard that only women with strong self confidence have the courage to have their cut short. Well, this is not a lie. I knew someone who was nothing with her new short hair and dying to make her hair grown as soon as possible. And we all know that if some ladies have something to hide (like big ears), they prefer loong hair. But short hair has been always a sign for a courageous, confident and in control woman who isn’t afraid to show it. Having short hair is like ignoring the social restraints. As I read once again, short hair styles are the symbols of sophistication, independence and pure confidence. And it’s a really big commitment to hair as it takes long time to grow out. And it’s really untroubled!They are easy to maintain. You don’t even need to check the mirror before you leave the house, just after you wake up. You don’t need to worry about the style for the wedding parties. You can even use your favorite shampoo for a longer time! And the best thing is,  you are not spending hours fussing your hair. A research study by Yale University researchers discovered that women with long “sexy” hairstyles are considered as less intelligent, while women with short hair are perceived as more confident and outgoing. Don’t miss understand me please I’m not trying to prove that long hair is for dummies or short hair is perfect. But hairstyles DO take place in someone’s personality. As an other example, in his book Readig People, Dimitrius says, “Spending a significant percentage of one’s income on hair – or any other aspect of personal appearance – suggests vanity, a need for acceptance, concern about others’ perceptions, and possibly insecurity,”  So my suggestion is, instead of spending your money on your hair, try to spend it for your psychologic treatment. ( I’m bad…)

And don’t forget any woman can wear this look but only with confidence! My mother, my sister and even my aunts have short hairstyles. It’s in the family, I can’t help it!
I’m so much happier with my ultrafabulous new short hairstyle…

 Besides visiting Yusuf, we did some book and  DVD shopping last weekend. There was a serious sale in my favorite book store. I wanted to buy everything! I can really spend all my money on books ( even if I don’t read them…) and stationery stuff. If it is colorfull, It’s ok with me to buy!

While  dealing with these things, we are still trying to gather all our wedding photos and videos. I think we’ve nearly 500 photos… Or more…
We’re getting ready for our halloween party. I’m trying to collect some spooky receipes for that night. So far, I’m done with funeral potato, guacamole vomitting pumking, halloween oreo pumpkin cakes and orange jello slices. I want to make some bloody finger saussages and mini spider cakes, too.

Yesterday my wig that I bought from Ebay arrived for my costume. Actually I don’t need a specific costume, the wig and the tattoos are enough for my fancy dress. Still wondering who I am going to dress like? Haha. Keep wondering baby. But I can say that Orkun is going to be Dracula and my sister will be the zombie Marilyn Monroe.

If I need time, I want to share some pre- wedding photos here. Photos about wedding preperations, our funky handmade photo stuffs…Aghrrr it was so much fun! Mr. Terziler and me just said a few days ago that we can definetly have another wedding party right now!

Anyway, We spent sunday in Tuzla with our friends Orkun, Saygun, Ömer, Elif and my sister. We had this little Goodbye Summer party.

  While hanging out there and listening to music, I added one goal to my “30 Thing before I became 30” list.  Beyonce’s  Single Ladies dance! I saw the video again while sitting there and said to my self,  “Yes you can do it!”  I love that song and admire the choreography.  Learning the thriller dance in already on my bucket list but I should learn this for all the single ladies out there haha.I’ll share my list really soon. I’ve 28 goals so far. Hope to hear about your goals!

From my bachelorette party, 27.08.2011

I’m still busy with my new wedding invitation designs. Soon I’ll introduce you my Etsy shop! I want to open it before new year arrives.

We are  also writing our Zanzibar Honeymoon post with Mr. Terziler. Oh! and cooking goes well. This week I’ll cook green beans someday.

Starting with a new one,  I wish you all,  a wonderful week. It’s already tueasday. Start to plan your weekend. We are not going to have any plans for this weekend. We just want to stay at home and relax a bit.

Bisous! ➳♥


2 thoughts on “Busy As A Bee!

  1. as usual, you are my all time favorite blog writer honey, and thank you for your wonderful story about tuzla, about us, and urself. So far u did a great job, we are waiting more spontaneous things from you.. take care..

  2. uzun saç kısa saç insanları gibi ayırmasak bile aynı insanın kafasının daha çok çalıştığı zamanlardaki davranışından anlaşılabilir.

    misal benim erkek arkadaşım senin şimdi kestiğin kadar kısa saç için bile -biliosun ne kadar olduğunu- başta bişe demedi, ama tabii ki zaten sormadım, sonra uzayınca tekrar kestirmek isteyince “tamam bi kere yaptın uzat” demeye başladı. sonra yine kestirdim tabe sonuçta ilkinde de beğendiydi aynı saçı.

    çok kısa saç hele hiiiiç istemiyodu. ben de onun o kadar istemediği bişeyi yaptırmaktan emin değildim aslında yakışırdı bence ama. sonra ayrıldık. yine eskisi kadar kısa kestirdim daha kısa değil. genel olarak erkekler çünkü sordun mu “uzun saç” diyo ve bende de yemiyodu açıkçası, o beğenmiyosa başkası da beğenmeye bilirdi.. sonra bi anda o başkasını da değil yalnız kalmak istediğime karar verdim ve işte o zaman saçımı kısacık kestirdim -onu da biliyosun ne kadar olduğunu-. çünkü sadece kendin için yapıyo oluyosun. bu da işte aslında kendine güven, kendine saygı falan ve bi çok şey aslında.

    o zaman anladım lezbiyenler neden kısa saçlı genelde. çünkü erkeklerin ne düşündüğünü takmıyo o kadınlar =) biz de ööle dönemlerde o kadar kısa kestiriyoruz -ilk sefer için özellikle-. risk çünkü ya yakışmazsa, ya suratımı beğenmezse de saklayamazsam falan..

    eski sevgili de saçımı görünce kendiliğinden “güzel olmuş” dedi. kendi yeni kısa saçı iğrençti ama ne farkeder hehe.

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