The Good Old Days

From the dusty shelf of the memories… 


This photo was taken by my dear friend Lili, in Paris. It is the entrance of Jardin du Luxembourg. It was 2005. I can’t believe 6 years have passed since this photo was taken!

Yes, those were marvelous days, but no, I’m not missing them. I just found my old photo CDs of our 2 months vacation in France with Lili. And as we’re getting closer to 2012 and I’ve just welcomed 30, I feel weird, like getting old?

My husband’s best friend just had a baby. Are they old enough to be parents? Are they that crazy  to give up on their lives and start to take care of a baby? Or are they doing the right thing and is it normal that they are crazy about that little boy like they are in love? I really do not know…

Yesterday, I told him that “Now they have a little human” . “They have to be parents forever!”  Then I said, “I never want to have kids” and my precious agreed ” Me, too”

But who knows… We shouldn’t say such things like ” I will never get married” or “I will never have kids” OR   “I’ll never ever wait for someone who is on his military service

Life gets weird when you are getting older…





3 thoughts on “The Good Old Days

  1. yes darling, when you became 30 smthg u start to repeat how, what, when, really, can’t be true, omg, we are young, how much left, no never ever şşşşş keep your silence, wish and and and and ..

  2. love the photo! and yes, I agree. though we never know what might happen afterwards we’re entitled to an opinion and mine is that some people are suited to be parents, others are not. I particularly don’t find myself very motherly, and i’m perfectly ok with that.

    I liked living in Paris too, but just as you say, I don’t really miss it. à chaque moment, son tour… c’est juste une façon de le dire.

    bisou colombien pour ma cocotte turque.

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