30 Days of Truths – Day 1:

→ Something you hate about yourself.

That might sound a bit cocky but there is nothing  I hate about myself.

I mean, “hate” is a really strong word. I’ve never hated anyone or anything. There are sure some situations and some sick people that make me go nuts but by sending them away, I can get rid of the shit.


Sometimes, ok..Most of the times, I can be a hypercritical and fussy.

I’m too much into details. In some occasions, I feel like I’m lost while scanning the details of ANYTHING. It can be a dinner table, an excel file, or a phases of an organisation I take part. Or even my relationship with a friend…I can’t help it. It’s the details that nourish my brain.

Therefore, I become critical in people’s eyes. And the worst thing is, I don’t realise until people get offended. Because it seems to me normal to articulate the sides that I don’t like or agree. But for most of the people, It is not.

I tire myself  by endless thoughts and make people sad sometimes, but as i said, I can’t help it and this who I am…

What is 30 Days of Truth?