30 Days of Truths – Day 3:

→ Something you have to forgive yourself for.

I thought I could handle this 30 days challenge but this is getting harder and harder yet on the third day!

Ok. Something I have to forgive myself for.

I’m not harsh on myself, I’ve never been. Thank God, there is nothing in my life that I think on it and say ” I wish I hadn’t” ( Well, last month I said “I wish I didn’t get mad during our wedding photo shoot” but I didn’t eat my brain for this)

To be honest, there is nothing that I feel guilty and regretful about, no one who took part in my life or no action that was taken.

When I look back, I can say, may be I could have tried to be a less troublesome teenager. I know that, I saddened my parents more than usual kids.

But those were the days that made the future me! My thoughts, my ideas, my personality, my principles, my value judgments, my dignity my EVERTHING shaped by all the shits I’ve been through at those times. I feel sorry every now and then when I remember, and I know I can’t take back time or make things like never happened. I want to apologize to my parents for being a pain in the ass but I know they love me, and they’d forgive me :) They already have! hahe

What is 30 Days of Truth?