Five Things J’adore ♥

1. Daft Punk for Coca-Cola

Daft Punk have collaborated with Coca Cola and designed a limited edition their helmet-inspired coke bottles set. It is called  “Daft Punk x Coca-Cola Club Coke” .

Now once again, they are doing it;

You can find it here. After  Karl Lagerfeld’s bottle designs, I like them too.

2. Jonathan Hobin // In The Playroom

Jonathan Hobin is a Canadian photographer. In “In The Playroom” , he photographed kids reenacting sensational events of our time. Such as 9/11, hurricane Katrina, the death of Princess Diana…I found these series very impressive and cool. 

For more of his stuff

3. Bookshelf Porn

This is a site I came up with while looking for bookshelf decorations on the internet. I love original things for home decoration and this site is the perfect adress for it.

4. Kinect, Michael Jackson – The Experience

This is the best thing ever happened! I’m soooo glad that we’ve bought XBOX after we experienced Kinect! ( we doubt about buying a Sony Play Station or XBOX) This CD will make me crazy!

There are 29 songs and choreography of MJ in this game. I’m gonna be a master at Beat It and Thriller that’s for sure! (This is one of my “30things before 30 list” things also) I can’t wait to dance at our Halloween Party, drunk and with friends!

5. Our Wedding Photos

We’ve just received our wedding photos yesterday! They are AMAZING! I can’t get enough of looking them! Yes maybe I’m a narcissist.

This photo tells everthing about that night!


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