Five Things J’adore ♥


1. Matt Bernson Tundra Boot in Black

Nothing’s going to change my love for No6 Clog boots    but these boots rock! They are definitely on my wish list!

2. When Birds Attack Costume

We’re almost done with our costume phase for our halloween party and It turned out that my hubby is a werewolf!

I’ve already chosen my costume but if I haven’t, this one was my first choice!

It is the best halloween costume I’ve ever seen!

3. Michael Kors iPhone Wristlet

Love it! Best thing ever made for Iphone! (Maybe?)

4. How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You

This is hilarious!

From here

This weekend my sister has become a mother again for the second time. She adopted a new kitty .

She doesn’t have a name yet but she is soo adorable! She is cool with her older brother Little Prince for now…

Look at her!

5. Vintage Horror Movie Posters

I was looking for some spooky prints for the halloween party decoration. We won’t decorate the whole house, only the living room. But I want it to be perfect! and blooooodddyyyy!!!

These vintage horror movie posters are really good. From Reprintedrose’s shop on Etsy.