☠☠☠Ghouls Gathering☠☠☠

Last weekend, I completed one of my Fall Goal’s . We threw a halloween party in our place! It was sooooo much fun! Even before the party!

Our friends and my sister arrived on saturday afternoon and we immediately started to get ready for the night.

Before the party  we had so much to do!

The buffet table was decorated by “muddy” cupcakes, ghost marshmallows, saussage fingers, cheddar wraps, carrot hors d’oeuvre and avocado sauce. We had also some “bloody” oven roasted potatoes. And the indispensable buttermilk biscuits (which I didn’t have time to cook but ordered from KFC)

The decoration phase was the best!

For welcome drinks I made these  bottles for my guests. They are really easy to make and really got my guests in the mood with some green drinks in it!

 A fun D.I.Y. Cute Bottle Glasses:

These are the bottles we bought from a restaurant. I couldn’t find any clean and unwritten bottles to buy.

These are the labels I downloaded and printed from “How to Haunt Your House”

A nice way to hide the writings.

A little ribbon for the bottom line.



I‘m thinking about to make some cute bottles for milky nights.

That night, we had a zombie, a werewolf , a witch, a french playboy, a tortured soul from hell, and an annoying clown. Also, celebrities attended to our party!  Amy Winehouse from the grave, hideous Regan MacNeil and poor attacked red riding hood were there.

Though the next day was a disaster for everyone for being hangover, It was  totally  a great night!

Mr. Jackson with his game “Michael Jackson The Experience” brightened our night! ( Sorry neighbours…)

I do regret that we haven’t had this party before! On sunday morning I found myself thinking the next year’s costume.

While talking about costumes, the makeup and costume winner was Elif with her Regan makeup! Her maker was her boyfriend Ömer and while he was doing her makeup I heard something like  ” Would you ever want to make love with me again?”

But sorry Elif, Heidi Klum nailed it!

She is a total bitch….

I can  proudly  say that we had a cool and nice party with our precious guests. I want to thank them again for being there, and of course for their fabulous presents for us…

I’m really ashamed to say it but this month I had the perfect gifts!

I always say that the best gifts are always the belated ones! My love gave me my birthday gift which I was dying for!  ♥

Now that I can easily design  my invitations!

And these killers are from my aunt!

This was totally on my wish list, from Orkun…to make him lovely dinners

And this one is for my suicide with pancakes! From my favorite couple Elif & Ömer

These Istanbul themed tea cups are sooo cute. They are from Deniz

And this vintage wooden frame is the best choice for our living room, from Bukra 

We have the best friends! Thank you sooooo much again!

I told you before, I’m a lucky bitch! And I think october is my lucky month of the year.

I check my goals for the fall, I’m almost done with them. I love creating some goals and accomplishing.  I’m working on my “30 Things before I became 30″ goals.

My 30 Days of Truth Meme is still going on but honestly I’m really bored with it, I’m looking forward to complete it and then start to this new challenge;

It will also be good for my 365 photo project ( Oh yes I’m absolutely still doing it!) for one month.

These were the news from Terziler Mansion!

I hope everything is ok by your side


Fatoş ♩♫ ♪♩♭♪

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