News News News…

Heeeellloooooo thereee!!!

It’s been too long since my last post! But I’ve reasons.

We had this really relaxing and familyish week since it was a public holiday in Turkey.

First we decided to go to France for this holiday, then to England and we ended up with visiting parents and staying at home as we had to go to work for 2 days. ( But I didn’t. I was dealing with this shitty flu!) After that week, I think I had some post vacation blues which is really familiar to me. It was pretty nice to stay at home, sewing, painting, watching The Bachelorette and The Bridal Plasty     (oh yeah baby!)  and the movies I’ve been dying to see. A lot more cheaper than a trip to London…

Just before the holiday, It is declared that me and my colleague had this job rotation we were willing.

Honestly, I was not satisfied with the situation and the working conditions in my current department. Now we’ll be working in Engineering and Technology Department with our new manager and new colleagues! I will be in the administrative  building instead of the middle of production! YAY! No more welding dust and hello high heels again! We hope this rotation to turn into a good thing…

By the way, I’m trying to find myself new goals. First of them is changing the layout or at least the appearance of my blog. Maybe  something winterly? I’m sooo ready for the winter and the new year. We still have no idea what we are going to do this new year’s night. But staying at home, decorating the living room and cooking some special meals for my husband is really tempting.

I’ve finalized my goals for “30 Things before 30″. I hope to share them with you next week. There are tones of things I want to do in my life same as  you but I admit, I chose really easy ones for the next year. For example I eliminated visiting China(!) and added Positano, where it is MORE probable to visit.

Some of them are like my new year resolutions like saving money or improving my web site. I’d be very happy if I could complete 25 of 30 goals.

Nowadays we are in the rocky road of redesigning our home. We decided to start with our living room. We are cool with the furnitures as they are new anyway. But the walls and the bookshelves’ details are killing us. So we (ok,  I..) chose some cute prints for our walls instead of painting or some wallpaper. For the shelves, action figure and a few pair of book ends shopping would be soooo perfect. I’m planning to share some before and after photos when we’re done. Oh and I’m really excited when it’s time for our bedroom! I have so many pretty ideas for our love nest!

Our newlywed life is pretty nice. We are working on creating some habits as husband and wife. We ( Ooh, how I love saying and writing WE!)  decided to eat and drink healthy. My new obsession is the green smoothies. We are planning to drink delicious green mixtures 3 time a week. You can find lots of receipes on the internet like on the green smoothie blog. It’s the healthiest thing ever!

The other nights we’re having some milky parties.

If we recall my Foal Goals, one of them was about a gift that  I’m going to buy myself for my birthday and finally I’ve found it!

Like most  woman, I looooooooooooove beauty and care products. My research for the best anti-wrinkle cream is going on but I think I’ve found the awesome skin cleansing products. The best present for a woman! I’m also going to share the product and my reviews here, be patient dolls!


I’ve saved many many nice links to share for my 5 Things J’adore section. My husband’s birthday is coming up and I’m at a dead end, looking desperately the ultimate gift for him. I know he’s reading this and smiling… So there will be a special edition for 5 coolest things for men.

Well pretties, this and that from our side…

Hope you have a nice and warm weekend.




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