Five Things J’adore ♥

1. Rabbit Ear Salad Servers

They are really cute. Found here

2. Beetlejuice Leggings

I’ve found these while I was looking for some galaxy print stuff. You can see them below but this one is made for me! Totally want one! From  Black Milk Clothing

3.  Scoop Gloves

No doubt Carrie made these gloves popular! I ordered a pair for me last summer when they were on sale. You can easily find them on ebay.

4. Yummy Sushi Pillow

I admit. I have a weakness for pillow and pillow cases. One day I want to have my own line for pillow design. ( YES I SAID IT!) This one is killing me! Here.

5. My Wildest Dream

Nowadays, ( for almost 1 year!) I’m day dreaming about living abroad with my husband. We can live in China, in Brazil, or anywhere in Europe. But the place in my heart is Paris…A couple of years overseas experience would be nice. I studied in France for one year but I was in Grenoble, not in Paris. And I was a student…

He can work in a prestigious company and earning enough to keep me at home. I want to cook and try french cuisine, take photos of elegant Paris streets all day, searching  for the perfect rosé wine, and  blog about our parisien life. We can meet in lunch time and have a little picnic together in good weather days. In the evenings, we can go to our favorite restaurant and then to our favorite café in Place St. Germain and walk home.

A few years of taking a break would be so nice…


Photos from The Paris Apartment


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