Finally I completed my goal list!

1. Start Saving Money.

This is something I needed to do ages and ages ago!

I was never a saver. But things have changed. One way or another we are a family right now. We have responsabilities. And also there are zillion things we want to do. Things that can be done with money. Starting from January 1,  2012 I’m done with the unconscious shopping. (I have 1 and a half month ahead!)

2. Visiting Le Chateau de Versailles.

I can be your best guide when it comes to exploring Paris. I’ve been in Paris  for 4 times.But each time, I never had the chance to visit Palace of Versailles.Visiting France with my husband is one of the things we’re dying for. This time Versailles will be our first stop!

3. Put My Green Trousers on The Market Again!

These are my favorite trousers. My sister has bought them for me 145 years ago from ZARA. Unfortunately I can’t fit in them right now. But one day in 2012, hopefully in summer time, I’ll be in them and posing like a celebrity for the cameras!

4.Start using Anti-Wrinkle Creams.

I’m planning to start using anti-wrinkle creams before I turn 30. Right now I’m looking for the ideal cream as a woman on her early thirties. I don’t want to use a really effective cream. I think it is early for such precaution. As soon as I find it, I’ll share it with you.

5. Have an Original Chanel 2.55

Not much to say. I’m in love with those bags. I hope I can have an original one day.

6. Redecorate Our Bedroom.

Actually, we want to redecorate every single room in our house but I want pay more attention to our bedroom.

7. Achieve 95% Acuracy in Michael Jackson The Experience Beat It performance.

This is so happening baby!

8. Visiting Ankara With Train.

Oh! How I miss travelling with train! I used to travel to Eskisehir to see my sister when she was a student there. I also want to take the train to Ankara, our capitol city.

9. Start to Qigong

I really want to learn more about this stuff.

10. Learn Single Ladies Dance.

It’s hard, isn’t it?

11. Going to Positano.

This is one of the places I want to see. Maybe this summer?

12. Treat Myself a Delicious Dinner and Then a Movie.

I used to go to movies all alone. But right now I prefer a lovely company :) though we haven’t seen a movie for months! This is something I can do when he is out of town or country.

13. Improve My Website

Last week, it turned out that this is not only my concern but also some curious birdies’ out there haha. For your information, I’m going to sell my designs here one day precious babies, I hope it to happen in 2012. Please try to be patient like me :)

14. Stargazing With Him.

My sister and I were stargazers when we were kids, competing on who could see more. I want to experience it with my lovely husband this year. Guess it would be more romantic with him

15. Visiting Disneyland Resort, Paris.

I’ve been there for 3 times and I can’t get enough baby! Our second stop will be Disneyland Resort, just after the Palace of Versailles.

16.  Ice Skating.

Yes I’ve never ice skated before. Just because I’m too afraid to fall and break my leg…But I’m going to try it even it’s for 5 minutes.

17. Having a Dressing Table.

This was my dream since I was a little girl.

18. Bake a Rainbow Cake.

19. Bowling.

Well this is kinda embarrassing but I’ve never played bowling before. I don’t know why. I was just more into going to bowling and having a beer and chips. I need to play at least once before I turn 30.

20. Make a Sock Monkey and Give as a Gift.

I’m not sure if I can give it away or not…

21. Pimp Our Fridge.

I’m planning to turn our fridge to Domokun.

22.  Throw a Halloween party.

There is something  I’m already done with. We had the amazing Halloween party in our place with our friends. We’re going to have this party every year.

23. Get Inked.

I want to be a tattooed lady before 30!

24. Turn Blonde Again.

I decided to be blonde again. I don’t know when because right now I’m taking care of my hair, applying hair masks, trying to strengthen it. But in 2012 you will see me blonde one day.

25. Prepare My Portfolio.

I am definetely going to create time for bringing out a portfolio this year. It’s really hard when you have a full time job but I’ll try to do my best.

26. Carting.

Never tried it before. Maybe I have a massive talent for this???

27. Read 10 essential Books of French Litterature and Watch 10 Essential French Movies.

I’m just not sure about the reading. I’m going to share the titles here soon.

28. Cook 4 Different Meals in 1 Day For Dinner.

It’s a child play for me…

29. Pop a Bottle of Champagne In The Middle of our Living Room.

I’m not sure with this…Really…Don’t know…

30. Cycle All Day Long.

I want to leave the house in the morning with my bike and turn back when it’s dark. Like the old times, when we were kids.

I hope to accomplish them all but I know it’s impossible. I’ll be dealing with these goals for the next year before I become 30. I’ll keep you updated, don’t worry :)