Five Things J’adore ♥ // For Him

1. Glennz Tees

These t-shirts are really cool. Maybe not for winter but admit it, t-shirts are always the savers when it comes to buy something for him!



2. LennyMud Handmade Pottery

I really like this shop. For some stylish gentlemen at home.

3. Fred Perry Aran Crew Sweater

I saw this one on Billstore’s shop window and honestly I liked it for myself. It’s the best piece I’ve seen this winter so far. I do want to buy it for my him but the price is fucking unbelievable!

From Fred Perry.

4. Creative Recreation Cesario XVI Sneakers

I love seing them on men. These are kind of shoes that suit men best and most! High top hiking types!

You can find them in Urban Outfitters.

He liked this one...

5. Tissot Wrist Watches.

I had nothing to do with wrist watches untill this year.

 But I’ve learnt a lot and because my husband is a watch freak, I know I should study more.

Tissot was my choice when I decided to buy him a wrist watch for his birthday. There are hundreds of brands in this sector. But some of them are really prestigious and popular. Tissot is one of them. Ofcourse there are crazy expensive shits but the trick is to close the deal with a long life watch with an average cost. Remember ladies, money shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to a gift for him!



P.S. These choices are made  according to my criteria. (means according to taste of the man I love) :)