30 Days of Truths – : Day 24

→ Make a playlist to someone, and explain why you chose all the songs. (Just post the titles and artists and letter)

Dear Sis,

Here’s my playlist for you. I made it with the songs that we have some serious history. I chose not to share too much information. I guess you know why. But, I need to be honest. It’s the 30 Days of Truth Meme…

Here we go…

1. New Kids On The Block- Step by Step

I really have nothing to say. Because if I start to tell, both of us will go down…And be ashamed of the people who we were…( See, that’s why I never talk about Vanilla Ice…)

2. Oya – Bora – Sevmek Zamanı

This is one of my all time favorites! I remember some lyrics on our wardrobe or something?

3. The Doors – Love Street

I think I never tell you but this song always reminds me of you. Is it because you wrote some part of its lyrics on my bed and I went to sleep every night just after reading it? Every single night…

4. Mavi Sakal – Günler

It was your favorite song when you were on your first year in high school and without knowing that it was my favorite too when I started to high school, 4 years later. But you weren’t just there. You had already left for college.

5. Kesmeşeker- Gerçekten Özleyince

I remember listening this song when I was travelling with train, coming to see you when you were a student in Eskisehir…This is getting more emotional than I’ve expected!

6. Nazan Öncel – Nazlı Ay

I am 100% sure that except us no one in Turkey gave the necessary attention to this lady and this album! This album was a killer! And with it, you made my life miserable bitch! :)

7. Like a Stone

I know right after reading this title, you’ll have tears in your eyes! Because I have in mine…

8. Angel’s Theme Song.

Oooh! No one knows how we suffered for  these vampire ass bitches! Spike is the man!

9. You’ll Be a Woman Soon

There is no other song that makes me think of you…

10. Nil Karaibrahimgil- Aşkımız Her zamanki gibi Tehlikede

This was supposed to be played in my wedding party but I seriously don’t remember if it was played or not. I have some scenes but I’m not sure. We shouldn’t be that drunk…

Bonus Track: Alişan İkimize Birden Yükleniyorlar

Haha! Still our song