Let’s Do This!

After a nice weekend I HATE mondays…Like most of you…

This morning, while we were waiting  IN THE DARK  for the service vehicle to work, I checked my twitter account and see friends have been twitting while we were dancing with the stars. I don’t follow too many people on twitter. Only friends and some accounts I’m interested in or make me laugh. I realised that most of them work freelance. Or their working hours are not usual.

And how I wished to be one of them…

After arriving my office, to my pericous desk, I remembered last night ( and the whole weekend), talking about starting our business with my husband.  We know that It’s early for such investment as we are newlywed and into quite a lot debt right now. But why wait? Why not to start things slowly? I don’t need to start with a brand new store to sell things. “Boredom Is Fun Online Shop” could definetly do that for me! Or my Etsy Shop could be a perfect online store to work internationally! And my only goal for 2012 is…Voila!Boredom Is Fun Online Shop

It’s too early to talk about the content. I really need to work hard to bring things on the stage. But I’m 100% committed to this project. I don’t care if it turns out to a failure or not, at least I’m going to try it. As long as I have his support, I can try anything.

So it means I’ve so many things to do this year. I’ll start things with a yearly plan. For every year I buy a planner. This year I decided to try the timeless planner. It’s very nice that It has a yearly planner, date and mood stickers. Last year I used a Moleskine but It was too small for me.

This weekend I was thinking about my new year resolutions. Starting my own business is at the top of my list.  

Then I will start to make weekly meal planning. I’m trying to cook everyday but It’s not really easy.

I’ll try to stay organized.

I’ll learn to live with 6 hours sleep a day. Normally, 7 hours is ok for me. But After spending 10 hours at work, 2 hours on the road, what should I do in the evenings? Cooking and eating? Resting and reading? Watching a movie? or do some pastime stuff? Sorry, I need more for all of this shit. My aim is to be ok with 5 hours but fist step is 6 hours sleep. I’m going to learn more about polyphasic sleep.

And I promise myself that I’ll finish what I start. There are things at home, on every corner waiting for me. I start things then I leave them sloppy. I always do the same. My painting is waiting, our wedding photos are waiting, our honeymoon photos are waiting, my pillows, my skirt, my shirts, my owl is waiting. I’ll put these things in order and finish them one by one. And I promise I’m not going to start anything untill these projects are over.

These are my resolutions so far.

Meanwhile, the most important issue in my life nowadays is solved on sunday. Our new year plans have come to light! Now I can concentrate on preparations.

 I’m trying to make little presents for my friends. I made this polaroid frame on saturday.

I have no idea about what I’m going to wear for new year’s night but I know how my nails are going to be. I’m sooo into some new year nails. I tried these this weekend.

Checking photos from weekend makes me forget that It is only  monday and a long week is waiting for me…

Stay lovely,



Reported from Terziler Mansion.