30 Days Of Truth – Day : 29

 → Something you hope to change about yourself. And why.

I know my husband will laugh at this when he reads this post. The thing I want to change about myself is what I need to do after I get really nervous. :)

While someone or something makes me lose my temper, I always need to get away from the place of incident. I don’t want to stay and keep arguing. I need to calm down and stay only with myself.

This is what I need at that kind of moments. It’s not because I never want to see that person again(!) or I take no notice of him/her. On the contarary, I do this because I really care about that person. I don’t want to stay and say the things I would never want to say and break hearts.

But I do want to change about it. I’ll try my best to stay and try to solve the problem calmly. I promise I’ll do my best :)

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