30 Days Of Truth – Day : 30

→ A letter to yourself, tell yourself  EVERYTHING you love about yourself

Dear Fatos,

First of all, I appreciate that you have come a long way.

You have become a happier and more patient person. These two are the most important features of you right now. Of course there are ups and downs but I’m talking about the overall situation.

You learnt the importance of the inner peace and day by day you try acquiring it more. You learnt the real empathy and this helps you to understand the people around you better. Some of them are left behind, some of them still need a little of your attention and time, some of them are to die for…No matter what, you do know where to keep people in your life.

While we are on the last days of 2011, I hope you keep going in this way. Because one thing is for sure;  without jealousy  and bad will, they are and will be nothing. With love, respect and self confidence you’ll have it all.

I hope in 2012, all your dreams come true.

Send my love to your precious husband, the hero behind all this success 

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