Five Things J’adore ♥

1. Bialetti Pink Mokona Coffee Machine

This year we want to buy thousands of things. A coffee machine is one of them. This esspresso and cappuccino coffee maker is really cool. It can be used with ground coffee, capsules and pods. You know what they say, ” Life is too short for bad coffee”…

To purchase

2. Norpro Nonstick Cake-sicle Pan with 24 Sticks

Nowadays I’m sooo into cookies. I made these last weekend to try the recipe for new year’s eve. Honestly , it was delicious.

Then I started to look for some fun cookie cutters and I came up with these cake pans. They must be mine!

This pan must be mine! Here.

3. Le Bleu Bunny

January has just started, I know but I can’t help myself dreaming about summer 2012. These lovely shoes are called LE BLEU BUNNY. They are adorable. I always say, the only shoes I’m wearing in summer time is TOMS but these can be awesome for romantic summet nights <3


4.  Minnetonka Moccasins

Talking about shoes for summer, these are my third options. Actually I want to try them for summer as I see on every celebrity! They come in different models and can be worn both in winter in summer (?). If I can’t find my dream TOMS, why not to give a shot?


5. Black Milk Swimsuit

Again summer…This piece is perfect!

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