December 2011

Good mornig class!

It’s my first post of 2012 which I report  from Terziler Mansion.

Starting from new year’s eve, It’s been crazy! We were in Istanbul, with Elif and Omer and my sister in new year’s eve. We had a delicious dinner all together. We had fun all night by playing Cranium

and even in the morning playing Trivial Pursuit! It was such a lovely night, spent with friends. We hope to spend whole year like this.

This weekend was reserved to my precious baby as It was his birthday!

Although saturday was a dentist day, in the evening our friends were invited to our place. I admit I was a bit drunk by the end of the night but I didn’t go to bed without watching an American Horror Story episode. Oh I’m so addicted to AHS you can’t believe!

It was a beautiful night full of laughter. I’d like to thank for the perfect gifts they brought us.

I adore the kitty glass set which is used for drinking rakı. Earlier that day, I told my husband that I need to start drinking raki as I’m not a fan of it. I haven’t drunk it for 12 years. But I always fancy the special table made for raki drinkers. This will be a really cute start for me.

And  I can’t wait to play with that shot game!

I was also given a very nice present this weekend…

I was dying to make healthy smoothies! This babe is now our kitchen’s number one! Starting from today, I’m going to make delicious stuff non-stop!

In new year, I OFCOURSE made some resolutions. As a result, I decided to go to a language course. I can’t decide if I should start learning german or if I should attend a french speaking class as my speaking started to get weaker. I only speak sector specific french and it’s killing me when I can’t remember a word from daily life and I don’t read french! So this week, this problem is going to be solved.

We made a quick start  in 2012. I hope everything will be beautiful and fine for us, for our family and friends in 2012.

I want to wish my baby again, to have a perfect year with his perfect wife :P

I love you…

Sooooooo much…