Five Things J’adore ♥

1. Valentine’s Day Card

Well, I’ll try to post a 5 Things J’adore / Valentine’s Day Edition next week but I couldn’t wait to post this marvelous card! I think I’m going to give my own version to my husband

From Julie Ann Art , Etsy.


2. Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday Nail Polish

It seems that in 2012, I’m going to be obsessed with glitter. I can’t take my eyes off of sparkling and shiny things! This is one of my favorites.


3. Murano Glass Bead Wallpaper

Hell Yes!!!  A glitter wallpapered bedroom could be die for!

From The Paris Apartment

4. Design Cloud Studio Wall Art Decals

The wall decals of the Design Cloud Studio is amazing. We stopped redecorating our house as there are some changes in our plans ( we might not be living in this house in the near future, so we postponed decorations and spending money for the house until everthing is clear) but I always wanted to turn our guest room into a geeky boy room ( Yes…). My favorite is ;




5. Tap Is Terrific Water Bottle

Lovely font.