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I’m a Paris lover! I’m in love with everything about Paris and  everything related to Paris. I can’t help it. It’s in my blood… Paris is my favorite city in the world. (I haven’t seen New York yet but I know It can’t beat my love for Paris )

And when I find out more about  the beautiful and brilliant parisien people, my love gets bigger and bigger and bigger…

The Part-Time Friends are one of them. I immediately fell for their music the first time I listened. The friends are Florent Biolchini (composer) and Pauline Lopez de Ayora (lyrics). Here is their story from their mouths;

” Frankly, how many chances do we have to meet the right person in the right time? The Part- Time Friends is just a story of encounter.

Flaurent wished to make some noises with his telecaster and Pauline wished to recite poems with a microphone. It was strange, it was awkward but it wasn’t important because they’ve found each other and it was the beginning of something.

Two years later, Florent puts his telecaster into a corner for a Seagull acoustic and Pauline admits that she is never going to be a “Patti Smith” and these two together decide to become what they really are.

They realize that whatever comes out is always with clumsiness and fragility inside but it never disturbs anyone, on the contrary it was enternaining and touchy.

Pauline said in a song that she only writes for Florent’s melodies  « Don’t give up on me, my words are for your melodies only »

The two together discover the folk/pop stages in Paris by playing here and there, in Pop in, in les Disquaires, in Point Ephémère, in La Scene Bastille.

In 2011, the duo decide to become a band and call themselves “musiciens”.

Clement, who lives in a loft and plays every single instrument, is impressed by their music and offered to record their first EP which is about love and Alaska.

This first EP made them to be selected for Inrocks Festival in July 2011 and to participate in Inrock Labs competition.

They register a new EP which is going to be out in January 2012 ( Still not released ) and they  collobarate with Clément in guitar and keyboard, Chris Mc Caughey in drums and Nicolas in bass.”

Their Facebook page and Myspace page.

Here’s the link that you can listen and buy their first album  ” The Full Time Fighters”

My favorite songs are Woo-hoo I’m Just a Little Bird and I Don’t Want A Boyfriend. But each song is very beautiful.

Waiting for their second album and definetly want to listen them live one day.