Our Weekend

It’s been a while since we last had such a restful and beautiful weekend. Last few weeks were all hustle and bustle. Some sanitary situations were in question. But thank god everything is all right.

As I said, this weekend was hilarious. We had the chance to spend some quality time together with my husband. Saturday was perfect. We had a lovely dinner and then we saw the movie The Artiste which I was dying to see, on a late soiree.

It is a really, really successful movie. Though I haven’t seen all the nominee movies for Oscars 2012, I’m sure this movie will outshine  in many categories.

Sunday morning, I continued sewing my Star Wars Mini Toy Collection. I saw a collection like this on Etsy and instead of buying it, I started to make my own. So far I’m done with Yoda and Princess Leia.

It looks tiny and  easy but I assure you, It’s tiring.

At the weekends, we always watch Master Chef. Beside from routinizing to go to a restaurant that we’ve never been before, once a month, we decided to try interesting and difficult recipes at home. And again, monthly. I really wonder the taste of shrimps with some apple sauce.

Again on Sunday, I did a little make over for our bedroom. I mentioned before, we stopped all the domestic issues as there is a chance we move from this house, even from this city. But this doesn’t count.

By the way, I’m really happy to see that I can inspire my followers to create things! Please send me the photos of things you make and I can share them here. :)

We are super excited about coming weeks because we are invited to a very cool party that one of our friend’s hosting. It’s in honor of  Valentine’s Day.

I’ll be reporting more from Terziler Mansion in coming weeks. I continue my 5 Things J’adore and Last Fm Hunt posts. My last guest was The Part-Time Friends. You can find their mp3s and album here.

A la prochaine mes petits