And yesss I’m back…

I can’t say I’m sorry that I’ve been away and offline for a while because as you all know, from time to time, you need to get off the internet, have a rest, do random stuff and use your right to be lazy.

I wrote here tens of sentences that explain the reasons  why I needed some time off but honestly it’s all bullshit about work and dumbass colleagues. I can say, I was at home for one week, and tasted the normal life, away from stress and stupidity. The life I was suppossed to have.

But life goes on, I’m back to work, dreaming  about being an housewife for a while and after having my own business, starting to love people again. :)

I’m a virgo, I love to work, I can’t live without working and look what they made me say. So, some serious changes are going to be made.

Seriously, enough with my job bullshit.

I don’t know whether I will start again to post regularly or not. Because I feel this laze phase I’m going through is not over yet. I’ll try my best to be here.

Nowadays, I’m into new stuffs like DRIVING.

That’s me…Driving…

I haven’t been into driving for a very long time. But one driver is not enough for a house. And also, we started to plan our summer holiday ( yes already!) and as we will go to real south this year, an extra driver would be fine for everyone.

We continue to try nice places to eat. We went to a restaurant with friends this month. Though we all didn’t like the place, It was a lovely and funny night.

By the way, my 365 Project is about to be completed. It’s going to be over next month. I don’t know if I’m going to continue for an other year. My husband insists to go on because It’s really nice when you look back and remember. But If you ask how many photos he remembered to take, the number is zero…

Next month I doing this 48 Things About Me thing which I saw here. I irrationally love doing this kind of stuff. I have 30 days of photos challenge waiting. I need to remember to do it when I feel more sharing.

Last saturday I made this tote bag. It’s now my favorite motto and my favorite bag. I’ll try this on one of my t-shirts, too.

This is all from my side friends.

As I said, I’ll be around but be more into some personal stuff instead of posting. Next month, I have a delicious guest for my Last FM Hunting session. I’ll try to share 5 Things J’adore posts as much as possible. There are really cool things that I found.

Take care!

A la prochaine mes puces!

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