Our Weekend

Weekends are…. —all the beautiful and possitive adjectives here—

Especially when they are spent with the family.

This weekend, I mean the time passed till 08:00 am today, was wonderfull. It was full of joy, love, fun and food. My parents and my sister were invited to dinner on saturday.

We had an amazing night all together. I’m really blessed to have such a wonderful family.

As my family was invited to dinner, I had the chance to strike through one of my goals of 30 Things Before 30 List. “Cook 4 Different Meals in 1 Day For Dinner“. I cooked ( ok WE cooked… Because of my arm, my husband helped me a lot in the kitchen) four different dishes. We cooked;

1. Yoghurt Soup with mint.

2. Celery with carrots.

3. Roasted meat with pommes alumettes.

4. Rice with tomato and basil.

Does the salade count as a dish? :P

You can find the recipes here; 1. 2. 3. and 4

They are not exactly the same but real close recipes.

Tomorrow I’m going to share 48 Things About Me post. I saw Pınar‘s done it. She has the coolest answers :P And I knew her favorite vacation haha

I wish you a nice week and monday.




2 thoughts on “Our Weekend

  1. annene joyeux anniversaireler dilerim,

    cool cevaplara estafurla derim,

    “she is the most amazing woman I know” hiiiic bise demiyorum.

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