Five Things J’adore ♥

1. Hatch & Co. Skinny Keyboard Case for iPad 2


It is really really good.

Technical Details:

  • World’s slimmest & lightest keyboard case for iPad 2
  • Speed keys to control music, volume, language change, and virtual keyboard
  • Wireless touch keyboard; Bluetooth connection to iPad 2
  • Utilizes Smart Cover sensor: iPad automatically wakes up / sleeps when you open the case
  • Battery lasts 2 weeks (6 weeks on standby)



2. L Space Fringe Bandeau Bikini

We’ve already started to plan our summer vacations. Dreaming of it even makes me smile. This summer, I want to have a swimsuit but I’m really attracted by these bikinis!



2. Coolest Camera Ever!

Loooooooooove It!

Seen here.


4. Grip and Tip Holder



 Every girl needs it, yeah!



5. Mars Photos

A very cool Iphone application allows you to check the latest photos from Mars.

From Apple Store.


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