Has the spring arrived?

I don’t know you but I’ve already started to get rid of my winter blues.

Spring tunes are on in the car and at home. Not compeletely but wardrobes are starting to get “lighter”.

Honestly I want to burn all my wintery clothes.

We even decided to plan a short vacation to Amsterdam but the big picture tells us to stay where we are and do what our budget lets us to do.

So we’ll wave to our friends and my sister at the end of this month :( Maybe next time… 

Well, except my pmdd once a month, everything seems fine with me…

2 weeks ago, I was at home, off duty. And as expected it was wonderfull, without stress and work.

I did have time for myself. Only for me! And It felt like….total nirvana…

Seriously, once a month or two, I think everybody needs this.

Nowadays I’m working on an engagement party invitation.

It is really hard to find what people like…I’m happy that I didn’t make someone to create our wedding invitations and  did it by myself because I know I’ve the potential to drive someone crazy…

Oh yes, summer and weddings. The time has come. We’re already invited to a wedding and an engagement party… I found some really cool dresses for this kind of events. I want to share my top 5.

But the only party I’m looking forward is on this saturday.It’s called SHARE YOUR LOVE -for me it is share your drinks and your freaky dance moves-and it is hosted by Orkun.

As It’s on the day of my blog’s third anniversary, I’m waiting for a small celebration ( TWIMC!)

Big news from Orkun : He became kind of a representative of a wonderful band called Josh Beech &The- Johns. I’m going to write about these english boys soon.

Last  weekend we saw the movie HUNGER GAMES (remember my love for the book?). It was…below my expectations.

Does it always have to be a disappointment when it comes to a book to movie adaptation? At least for me…

Anyway, there are two more movies I’m waiting for like craaaazzyy.

Pınar and me are still going through the 30 days of 30 songs. I’m planning to try 30 days of 30 movies when I’m done with this current challenge. Don’t judge me, please.

By the way I’m honored to say that I completed my 365 project!

Only one photo is missing ( mother’s day last year, I took the photo but I couldn’t find it :(  ) I continue to take photos daily but I don’t know if I’m going for an other round for one year.We’ll see.

I think one of my 30 things before 30 goals must be to complete this project.

And about my goals, I need to do something seriously. I can start with baking my dreamy rainbow cake one of these days.

Sure one of my goals among these 30 things must have been ORGANIZING OUR WEDDING PHOTOS!  It’s been 7 months and I didn’t touch them…A few days ago I found these stickers which I am keeping for our honeymoon album.

So by the end of this month, I planning to complete at least our wedding photo album.

By the way I’m working on my blog’s new spring appereance. I have this beaaaautiful background, hope you like it.

Also I need to work on my own new spring appereance but I’m not really sure. A few months ago I was dying to go back to blonde again but now , I don’t want it so badly.

Starting from next monday, I’m going to be on a diet like 90% of the population as the summer and bikini season is coming. I need to sign up for a gym…I couldn’t do it so far because the lovely spring brought me the lovely quinsy as it does every single year. But right now I’m ok.

Hope you are ok and doing well.  Life lately in Terziler Mansion :)



4 thoughts on “GET YOUR SPRING ON!

  1. let’s start to celebrate
    new flat
    new band
    3rd anniversary > which is the most important one .p
    and being able to share our LOVE.

    spring blossom are coloring the sky with the tunes of music of our lives.

  2. I remember our “Goodbye Summer Party” in your place last year and let’s make this one to embrace spring!

    Wish it could continue in Amsterdam all together but… :(

    Anywaysss, I’ll bring Amsterdam to your place this saturday! Get ready bitches!!

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