*Work Less. Everyone Works.

It’s always the same… You work your ass off, the nerve wracking business makes you mad, the stupid voices at the office, during the meetings, make you wanna force choke everyone there or you dream about becoming Tate from AHS and you know the story…

Then you decide that you need a vacation. A few days seem enough. You take it. You grandmotherly pack your bags and leave. You spend 6 nice days away from everything but close to things you like, people you love. Soon afterwards, the last day it hits you that you’ll spend the next day at the office, hearing all those stupid voices. And the next day, and the next one. And the next…

The never ending story…

Well, I’ve been away from blogosphere for a while and how I needed that. I renewed my domain for another one year today ( hooraaay!!!) and hoping to be back for posting regularly.

Meanwhile we had a petit vacation in Istanbul last week. My sister and friends were in Amsterdam and we were tasked to take care of their kitties. It was nice spending 6 days with friends when we’ve missed Istanbul a lot.

I think I put on 6 lbs in 6 days. So starting from today, I’m heading to gym every single day. Also I read that the best way to get over post vacation blues is to eat healthy, do sports and sleep well. So that might be a great start for me.

I remember last year may time… Oh it was such a tempest as we were dealing with our wedding preparations. I remember organizing each weekend! There were always places to be, people to see, rendezvous to catch! It’s now nice to have some calm and quite time this spring. So I need to focus on my 30 things before 30 list.

I was supposed to read 10 French Litterature Classics. I started reading La Peste and I’m stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllll reading it. I suck when it comes to reading, I know.

Some of them needs to be changed as there is no way that we go to France this year.( Visiting Le Chateau de Versailles, Disneyland Resort, Paris…) or going back to blonde as my friend and hairstylist doesn’t let me. Maybe I can find other goals to accomplish before I turn 30 next september. Here is my goals by the way.

One last thing before I leave, you can check out this website to see a pooper who can not and shouldn’t try a challenge again.



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