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The day I met with these gentlemen, I think it was around february this year when Orkun sent an e-mail to inform us all that he is going to be a supporter of this band. Maybe supporter is not the right word. He decided to build the “street team” in Turkey.  And since then, we are all the street team members.

Ok, well… Who are they?

Fundamentally, they are Josh Beech in vocals and guitars, John Turnham in drums and percusion, Guli Gunnarson in keyboard. Lately, John Martinelli decided to focus on his career and left the band. So last week they announced that they will be known as “BEECH” not The Josh Beech and the Johns anymore (which makes sense…) Until they find a full time member to go on with, Dan Lancester is their bass guitar player. (News on the way!)

The story begins around Josh Beech, a successful model in London whose true passion has always been music.

You may be remembering him from campaigns of MOSCHINO and LEVIS?

After the release of his debut acoustic EP ” Burnt Out” in 2010, they became a band with the involvement of John Turnham and John Martinelli. Josh and John (Turnham) have been friends for 12 years. With John (Martinelli), they have been acquainted for 7 years through the local bands around. After decided to start a project together, they released their first EP “She” in April 2011 as a band and soon after comes the attendance of Gulli Gunnarson. Gulli is a college friend of John (Martinelli) and he is the newest member of the band. And they’ve just released their debut single “Lights” on 5th of March.

In their Wonderland Magazine interview, Josh was asked how they decribe their music. “It’s just progressive rock/ singer songwriter” he answered. And one music magazine called them “post-folk” which I think not a wrong label.

They were on tour in Europe and America and they do have some serious fan base world wide. They also lauched their debut single in The Old Blue Last ( where I’m dying to go one day!)

In my very humble opinion, you can’t have that british accent and be good looking and have a wonderful voice at the same time! That’s unfair! But these gentlemen have the whole package! And their music is seriously good.

Here are some links to know them better and listen to their music of love and life;

First, my favorite song  Follow Your Lead

Josh Beech Music

Myspace page


Their tumblr page

Their Facebook page

They are also totally active on their twitter page

and finally their Facebook page Turkey

And if you need to contact with their street team Turkey manager, here is the facebook page and e-mail adresse.

This summer, I’m sure we’ll be looking forward for the “BEECH”



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