May 2012

Yes, 3 weeks ago my dream of june was summer, sun, seaside and picnics. But yesterday, a lovely sunday ended up like this;

Buuuuuuutt, in spite of everything, it was a really nice weekend AGAIN!

Though some break up blues had been ruling over from time to time, ( two of our friends sadly are going through a break up nowadays :( ) it was pretty nice.

It is also hard to handle with break up situations like this, as a friend of both sides. Should you talk about it or just ignore and try to relax him/her? Or if you talk what should you say? Yes, they have to stay strong, yes, they need to occupy themselves…Both sides know it very well but….

I can’t help thinking that the jinx around the couples is beause of the  Venus retro this year. Venus retrogates between 15th may and 27 June. And astrologistes warn us to be careful about the relationships and the new marriages.

I just wish everything turns out with the best for both of them…

Well, we spent an extra beautiful but exhausting friday in Istanbul as we arrived on thursday night. We dealed with some super secret stuffs on friday and still waiting for the results. I’ll write about it later. Maybe…

Saturday, we spontaneously found ourselves drinking turkish coffee and waiting the fortune teller. Oh if everthing takes place as he told us…I wouldn’t look for anything else in my life

Sunday, as I mentioned, was like summer during the day. We visited Orkun in his “cottage” and smell the spring a little.

Today I checked my calender and realised we have plans for each weekend in june…

I’m dying to have a picnic! But this month seems impossible :(

This weekend we decided with my sister to consume fruits as much as we can. I’ve been reading articles about right nourishment lately and found really delicious and light receipes for the summer. I’ll share them in coming days.

Of course strawberry and melon smoothies will be our #1 drinks.

And this weekend ended with a lovely family dinner out…

Hope this week shines and THE SUN COMES UP PLEASE!

Till next time…



PS. I’ve received a few e-mails about our honeymoon in Zanzibar. I’ll send a detailed reply within 2 days.

One thought on “May 2012

  1. güzeller güzeli gördüm seni günlerden cumartesinde caddelerde siyah tül tül entarinlen. herzamankinden daha da tatlıydın. şu görüşmelerin olur da seni daha çok görmek kısmet olur inşallah.

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