Weekend Update

Last weekend was the most quiet weekend I’ve spent for a veeeery veeeery long time.

Mr. Terziler left home for a wedding on saturday around noon time. As I was alone during the whole day, I spent some lady time for some lady business.

I had time to read and catch the episodes of my favorite series. I also updated my poor Iphone’s software ( Yes I hadn’t done it!).

The weather was not too bad but still not my favorite :P

But we had the chance to have a beauutifuuul dinner together with my husband with this incredible view in front of us on sunday.

I also updated my closet for the summer clothes. I think I’m ready for the summer.

This weekend I realised that I’m not “flicking” as much as I used to. So I decided to share 5 Things J’adore posts specific for my favorite Flickr photos.

Besides I have some cool 5 things for a skull and “giraffe” edition posts. But first, I’ll post my 5 favorites things for travelling. Perhaps tomorrow…

We are still waiting for our “super secret” thing which is going on for 2 weeks. I hope it ends well as it was such a big surprise for us.

30 Days Photography Challenge is going on by the way. Today I’ll post Day 4. French beans are waiting for me :)

Hope you have a nice week with nice things around.



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