Five Things J’adore ♥

1. GoJane Leatherette Trim Paris Design Suitcase

For me, the first and the most important thing about travelling is the luggage. And the rule is you must have a fancy one.

I adore GoJane’s Paris themed suitcases. Oh you know, anything with a Paris or France related print on it, I’m interested!


2. GRID-IT! Travel Organizer

Everyone knows that you need to be well organized when it comes to packing and travelling. The more important thing is TO STAY ORGANIZED. This travel organizer is the one you look for if you are having difficulties staying organized while travelling.


3. Stellar Bra Travel Bag

This is my favorite! Every single woman ( or everyone who has tits ) need this masterpiece. Here’s is the end of an era ladies!


4. Ultra Mini Travel Steamer.

I’m not a big time traveller. From time to time, we travel  overseas for business but apart from that we are not spending our days on the ways. This mini traveler steamer is perfect for madames et monsiuer who travel their ass off but even if I use it 2 or 3 times a year, I definetly want one!


5. Top 10 Must- Have Travel Application for Smartphones and Tablets

An inforgraphic worth reading!

Seen here.

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