We were in Cote d’Azur, France and had an incredible vacation with my husband last week. It was like a second honeymoon as well as it was an out of blue vacation for us. So we needed to  keep it a secret and not to mention to anyone.( for not jinxing it)

This was my second time visiting Cote d’Azur as we had a small rent a car adventure with my friend Lili  along the southern cost of France when we were students there.

Where shall I start? The hotel? Oh it was wonderful!

 We stayed in Hotel Martinez, one of the prestigious hotels in Cannes. It’s located on the Promenade de la Croissette. It’s named after his owner Emmanuel Michele Martinez in 1929. Before we left I did a little research and learnt that Hotel Martinez has the most expensive suites in the world. (According to Forbes in 2009) and the penthouse suite is listed at number 4 on World’s 15 most expensive hotel suites by CNN Go in 2012. It hosts many famous stars during Cannes Film Festival.

Naturally we didn’t stay in a penthouse suite but our room was also very nice and romantic.

Cannes was glamorous with all the shine and glitter around! It is seriously a fascinating city. The weather was also nice. We had the chance to swim for the first time this year in Zbeach.

You immediately start to feel like a movie star, you can’t help it! I think it’s in the air and because of all the fancy shop windows of world brands.

Of course the restaurants are so classy in Cannes. We had the chance to eat in Le Grand Café , Le Porto, Le Caveau des Annees 30. They all have delicious dishes. Especially in Le Porto, I had the best pizza quatre fromages.

The last day we had an amazing experience in Les Apprentis Gourmet. We cooked delicious meals of french cuisine for dinner. It was so much fun! I’ll definitely try that recipe at home and share it here as soon as possible.


We also joined a daily tour to Nice, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Antibes and Eze on the second day of our vacation. We visited a perfume factory, Fragonard on the way back home, did a little shopping in Nice as it was impossible in Monaco. Nothing has changed since the last time I’ve been in Monaco but it has become more and more expensive.

Besides crossing “visit south of France” goal out, in our last night, I managed to cross out one more goal of my 30 Things Before 30 Things. We spent a couple of hours stargazing on the beach.

This vacation is full of many sweet memories that we’ll never forget. After almost 4 years, being in France again made me feel super good. And the thing I’m most happy about is I was able to bring lots of french magazines and books back home. So some serious reading is about for coming days.

I’ll be busy with our vacation photos for a few days but I promise I’ll post 30 Days Photography challenge photos daily.



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