Yes I’m back! After 2 weeks of silence which I really needed. I needed it to make some decisions about myself and particularly for ourselves with my husband. We are still trying to build our lives though it’s been 10 months since we got married and almost 2,5 years together. Life is not as once you used to live for yourself after you get married or start live together.

And yes some decisions were made, some need time, some were hard to make, some were sad…

But like said ” Things have a way of working out”

One more decision I’ve made : I will not post any challenges. Never again. Because obviously I’m not good at it. Starting from 1st of July (I hope) I’ll start to post the rest of 30 Days Photography challenge photos. But congragulations to The Lady for her stability and pretty photos.

I hope everyone is having  hot sweet summer days.

Till next time…



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