C’est Ballot!

We had the chance to see a few movies lately. I was very curious about Tim Burton’s remake The Dark Shadows. I haven’t seen the original movie  yet but Burton edition was really good.

A few weeks ago we also saw the movie Snow White and The Huntsman. To be honest I was expecting a serious disaster. I’ve read The Lady’s review and hope to like the movie like she did and guess what! I did. The makeup, the costumes and the darkness of the movie was sooo good. (except the dream forest “fairy land”). Though Kristen Stewart did her famous hair toss move with her open mouth during the movie, I realllyy liked her as Snow White.

And I’ve got my stickers ofcourse. My GetGlue madness continues!

One other “Shit! Why didn’t I See This Before” movie is Running With Scissors.

Running with Scissors is a fantastic movie with it’s uncommon characters. It’s actually an adaption from  Augusten Burroughs’ memoir. I always believe that adapted movies always suck. I can’t say anything about it because I didn’t read the book but after reading a few reviews about it, I believe that the movie is kind of a softened version of his memories. And after the movie you respect the man.

Last monday we saw an appreciable french movie Poupoupidou (Nobody Else But You). It is a weird movie which  contains both comedie and mystery fictions with detective fiction on one side.  And you know, if it’s Marilyn that is in question I am there.


I’m still looking forward to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Rock of Ages. Also Les Adieux à la Reine. I hope to see them all in coming weeks as I’ll have a lot of time :)

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