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What an  extraordinary month July was! There are some incredible changes in our lives and we’re praying for our plans to come true. I still need time to talk about it but life lately has been really nice.

After we had a beautiful vacation in France, we immediately start to plan another one. Because of our factory’s shutdown period, we have to take our annual leaves in august and since this will be our second vacation with a restricted budget, we had to plan a modest one. We are not driving all the way down to Mediterranean, we’re not staying in a dreamy hotel but we’re thankful to have the chance at least  to de-stress.

I’ve made the Ultimate Vacation Playlist Part 3 ( remember part 2 and part 1 last year? ) for our vacation. I’ll share it next week.

In the meantime I had the chance to go to Istanbul and visit my friends. My sister was on vacation and I had to baby-sit her kiddos. ( Yes the hairy fluffy couple ). Mr. T had a training that weekend so he wasn’t able to join me. So I could see my beautiful friend Lili and spent a lovely day together. Also I could have a nice dinner ( and breakfast)  with dearest Pınar.

I love my friends and it upsets me to be distant from time to time…

Because last weekend was a girls’ weekend getaway, we spent this weekend together with my husband. No weddings, no parties. Just us.

Friday night we watched the opening ceremony of London Olympics 2012. It was superb!

Saturday was extremely hot so I stayed at home while Mr. T was dealing with some car related stuff. I had the time to read my mags. They’ve already put me in the mood for holiday. Yay!

And the night was awesome! We went to see the movie  The Dark Knight Rises!

No words. Just A-W-E-S-O-M-E…

Aaaaaaand here’s my sticker!

Sunday was hotter than saturday so went to farmers’ market as soon as we woke up. We spent time at home, watching swimming competitions. It was a biiig regret not to go to the swimming pool though!

We surprisingly talked about our 1st year anniversary.

I’ve been nagging Onur whole week to give me a gift idea. I must admit, when it comes to finding original stuff, he is the only address for all of your needs. Thanks to him, I’ve really good gift choices for our next five year’s special occasions. :)

We don’t want to exaggerate it but want it to be special at the same time as it’s the first one.  I haven’t decided yet and still desperately looking for a meaningful gift.

 After one week of our annivesary I’ll be 30! I also need to plan my dirty thirty birthday party. I’m not sure if I want a crazy crackpot party or a lovely dinner with friends. But it looks like one particularly  drunky night is waiting for us.

My 30 Things before 30 goals are waiting. I crossed 2 of them out. I went to bowling and pimped our fridge. We prefered to stay simple and clean.

But still I’ve alot to do to accomplish my goals. So little time, so much to do, It’s typical me…

I started to count back for the vacation. I hope everyone will have a great vacation this summer and august will be great.



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  1. hazır özgürlüğe adım atmışken benim buzdolaba da bi el at bacım, bayıldım.

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