The New Life In The New Age

Hi there! It feels like forever since I’ve last posted something here. August is about to be over. Summer is flying away! And September is just around the corner. My favorite month of the year.

There have been incredible changes in our lives during this summer. The most important; I QUIT MY JOB! I did it! Finally!

Actually, I was so happy to work there, loving my job, learning tons of things each day, spending time with the best collegues in the world. But at the beginning of 2012, my department changed so did my manager. Short story, we couldn’t get along and before things started getting ugly, I quit. I left on 31st of July and from that day, I feel that quiting my job was the best and smartest decision I’ve made so far. Right now I’m a housewife and I don’t have a job! I still can’t believe it!

I’m not planning to find a new job soon. I want to stay awhile and spend some time for myself, my family, my husband, my friends, our home and the things I want to do but never had the time for. I might have a short vacation with my mother in coming days. I do want to spend time at home but housework seems to exhaust me already. We had to fire the lady who used to come cleaning to our house weekly. So now, everthing about the house is on me. But it’s not a problem because everyday is mine. I’m going to make a weekly plan about houseworks and daily cooking. I’m so happy that I will have enough time to read, to workout and to cook.

A few days after starting my new life, we took a vacation with my darling. One week full of sun, sea, books and relaxation. We went to Assos where It was my first time. It’s an antique city with wonderful coves and views. The sea was perfect. We will certainly plan another trip there!

We took some underwater photos but they look blurred and weird this year. I think we need another camera, a pro one.

I’ll upload our vacation photos on Flickr soon. And I didn’t have time to share my vacation playlist. It’s going to be here also.

September is coming. It means our 1st year wedding anniversary and my 30th birthday. Thank god I’ve found a pleasent present for my sweetheart . I can’t say anything now, maybe after the 3rd of September.

And my 30th birthday. I’ve been thinking about having a pompous and dazzling birthday party for months but now I want only the people I love and care about. Good music, good drinks and people I love, that’s enough for me. And spending another 30 years together.

BUUUUUTT… I’ve already started some preparations for the party. I hope to see friends there and have a nice time together.

In days to come, be sure that there will be some romantic and delicate posts here.

My goals! I won’t be able to accomplish all of them, I know. Like, having a tattoo must wait. And turning blonde…Last week I decied to dye my hair PİNK! I’ve always wanted pink hair but never had the chance. I spend years and years with copper hair which I was in love with. But now, as I am a housewife and have no management that prohibits me, I’m free to do what I want! Still this goal needs to wait for winter. I seriously don’t care about what people think, I’m doing it.

One goal I accopmlished during the vacation : My sock monkey.

I know he doesn’t look like a monkey but here he is. His name is Olivio and he’s going to be a present for my sister.

Next week I hope to bake a rainbow cake and having a lunch (not dinner) and see a movie.

Now I have to leave lovelies, I’m planning to go to the swimming pool and then go to grocery shopping and buy some organic stuff for my 2 days detox program.

I’ll be here with more posts soon.



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