Have I ever mentioned that september is my favorite month of the year? I think I have … It’s the perfect time of the year for me. A time I feel really vibrant to renovate myself. This year’s september started fantastic. Though I’m now unemployed, I’m seriously  having the time of my life. It feels like a fairy tale after all that stress and chaos at work.  So this september is kind of special for me.

It all started with a lovely and delicious cake that my gorgeous friend Lili sent us to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. 

I had the date of my life with my sweetheart on our anniversary day. 

Oh of course I chased around the house with my wedding gown and pretend I’m a disney princess???

Time really flies. I look forward  for the coming years we’ll spend together. 

Aaand my birthday. I turned 30 yesterday! ( Yes it is a sad date.. :(  ) Some say nothing changes when you are thirty, some say it’s scary. I agree with the second “some”. Yes, it’s scary. I think until my 24th birthday, everything was fine. Growing old and gaining some serious life experiences was cool, I was still a chick, had all the time of the world ahead of me. But then somehow I realised that as I’m getting older, the people I love are also getting older. My parents, my grandparents, my friends who are older than me…And guess what? It’s sad. Now I’m 30 and older and my parents and my beloved ones are,too. And again it’s sad. Also when you get older, the problems get more serious. Especially the ones about health. Naturally, you learn to deal with them with patience and with hope. I suppose this is called “growing up”.  

At this point of  my life, we can stop the time and freeze everything. I have the best parents, the best family, the best husband and the best friends. And I don’t have to work :) Everythings is fine. I really want to keep it all as it is and I do pray to go on like this as much as possible.  

As a 30 year old lady, I want all the people in my life to know that I love them very very much. 

It’s scary but it’s always fun and spoily to have a birthday party.

Last saturday, we had my birthday party in a super magical scened rooftop where belongs to Bukra and Burcu. All the people I love was there. There were some people I barely remember, ( yes I was drunk ) but I want to thank everyone for being there and lighting up the party.

This year again the cutest gift were given to me and I had THREE birthday cakes. On my birthday morning, precious Gülden and Derya appeared at the door with a beautiful cake with candles. 

One of the cakes was with 30 candles as he promised :)

One last “thank you” to everyone for their best wishes for our anniversary  and for my birthday. I’m really happy to be 30 and have you all in my life. I want to spend another 30 years with you.

I know one day our kids will read this entire blog posts. Kids! Your mama and papa have the coolest, kickass friends! Be nice to them!



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