Beautiful Mondays

I know you hate the title of this post. But I won’t hate this beautiful day which is universally hated , till I start a new job.

Weekends are still special because we spend it together with my hubster and friends and families.

I spent  past 2 days “freezing”. I’ve been reading about freezing veggies and fruits lately. It’s a perfect way to preserve vegetables and becomes  the easiest way for cooking. So far I have lots of green beans and strawberries in my freezer. Here is a link which you can find practical cooking tips and helpful know- hows. And here  is the one about freezing strawberries. I couldn’t resist and used some of my berries on sunday to make a strawberry lemonade 

Saturday night was fun. We saw the movie Fairytale. It was not bad, a bit slow but has an interesting ending and yes it made me jump in fear a few times. But the thing was, we were all alone with Mr. T in the theater. That was why the tension was high….With me…

One thing made me happy this weekend was Mirano, one of the famous pizzerias around the world was opened in our city! We were there of course… Since we love ( I mean LOOOOVEEE) pizza, we decided to find the perfect one. We believe we have to visit Italy. But no worries. Visiting Italy is one of my goals of 31 Things Before 31. I’ve decided to make these goals to a yearly thing. By the way, I’m writing a post about tmy 30 Thing Before 30 goals and share the new 31 as soon as possible. Through the tough path of being 30, I haven’t been a good girl but I’m ambitious this time. 

Besides I’m writing about 30 Lessons In 30 Years. I’ve read in a few blogs I follow and decided to write my own lessons of my life.

During the daytime, I’m into a new series called “Hart Of Dixie

Rachel Bilson

It’s fun to watch. The ambient, the colours and the style of the characters are so pleasant. It’s kind of relieving, inspiring and I think that’s why it makes you to watch it.

I’m leaving you with a lovely monday song ( actually a song of my 30th birthday playlist ). Mr. T is going to make his legendary hamburgers tonight so some serious shopping is on the nail. 

Oh they are TOPNOCH! ( A word I learnt from Suburgatory :P )



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