30 Things Before 30 Recap

I’mentioned before that I haven’t been a good girl about my goals on my way to 30. I managed to accomplish only half of them.

1. Start saving money.

Yeah, right… But this year I’m ambitious. This goal is in my new list.

2. Visiting south of France.

We surprisingly had the chance to visit France this year in june. We didn’t tell anybody to not to jinx it and ruin our luck. We told only a few close friends and our families. We won a free trip from our satellite television provider to south of France.  It organized a competition. We were suppossed to write an essay about a movie that changed your life after seeing it. I wrote about the movie Le Premier Jour Du Reste De Ta Vie and we won! It was a perfect holiday and the best part was it was aaaallll free!

This year one of my goals is to visit Paris. Oh how I miss there!

3. Put my green trousers on the market again.

Well, I don’t want to talk about it. This one is still in my list…

4. Start using anti-wrinle creams.

Still not on “heavy creaming” but glad to start.

5.Have a great 30th birthday party.

Did it!

6. Start drinking rakı.

This is never going to happen because rakı really makes me sick…Even the smell of it… Eliminated

7. Achieve 95% acuracy in Michael Jackson The Experince Beat It performance.

%75. Not even close…Eliminated.

8. Visiting Ankara with train.

I still want to visit Ankara but it is not one of my goals this time. Eliminated.

9Start writing letter to friends.

A few weeks ago, I found my old letters from friends, especially from a precious one. Now we decided to be pen pals again. Soo excited about it!

10. Learn single ladies dance.

Never tried but this one is replaced by learning burlesque dance.

11. Learn to drive stick shift.

Did it!

From the best!

12. Treat myself a lunch and then a movie.

Did it on my birthday. Though I had to saw a crappy movie


13. Improve my website.


I think I did it. Almost 200 followers for a simple blog like this :)

14. Stargazing with him.

Did it!

In Cannes, France.

15. Skinny dip.

To my bucket list? Eliminated.

16. Ice skating.

This winter I’m doing it!

17. Have a nice day at Spa Center.

:( I want to spend that day! But eliminated.


Did it.

19. Bake a rainbowcake.

Did it!

20. Make a sockmonkey and give as a gift.

Did it!

21. Pimp our fridge.

Did it!

22. Throw a halloween party.

Did it!

23. Get Inked.

One of my new goals.

24. Be a blondie.

Instead I will try pink hair.

25. Make a music video with friends.

As soon as possible! 

26. Carting.

Did it!

27. Read 10 essential books of french litterature and watch 1o essential french movies.

I suck big time…

28. Cook four different meals in one day for dinner.

Did it!

29. Learn poker.

Mr. T tought me another card play which I can play online but I do want to learn poker.

30. Cyle all day long.

We’ll try it next spring.

Tommorow I’ll be back with my new 31 goals.



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