31 Things Before 31


1. Start Saving Money.

I hope…

2. Take A Winter Vacation.

This winter I want to spend at least one weekend relaxing on the SNOW.

3. Be A Cocktail Master And Create My Own Recipe.

I do want to improve myself on cocktails. It’s hard to create my own maybe but I’ll be a master, I promise.

4. Put My Green Trousers On The Market Again.

Desperately want this…

5. Have A Professional Facial.

We’ll continue our facial rutines at home but I want to try a pro.

6. Projects #23, #24, #31, #37 and #46 from 52 Projects Book.

See it here. Great book!

7. Make A Playstation For My Sister’s “Kids”.

I’ll make a lovely, cuddly, fluffy playstation  for those two bustards.

8. Have 50 Cardigans.

I’m obsessed with cardigans. I don’t know how many I have so far but after going through my wardrobe and donating, I think I need a few more.

9. Learn Parallel Parking.

Mr. T tought me how to drive…Like a boss! I also want to be able to park like Mr. T! 

10. Learn Burlesque.

My favorite show dance on the earth. I know I can learn a few moves.

11. Finish My Painting.

And hang it on our living room wall. Then start a new one?

12. Buy A Vespa.

Actually It’s Mr. T’s dream but I won’t say no to a pink Vespa.

13. Have A Girls Weekend Getaway.

A crazy one! How I need this! A nice breakfast, some shopping, forbidden desserts, fancy dinners and a girls night out!

14. Find The Perfect Pizza.

Our mutual goal with Mr. T. I think this will be our goal each year :)

15. Learn Crochet.

A granny square blanket?

16. Buy A Professional Camera.

All the cameras we have are enough for me but if we have the chance I want a Canon <3

17. Learn Poker.

And win millions! I need to learn poker before we go to Las Vegas!

18. Attend A Music Festial In Another Country.

Our plan for summer 2013.

19. See All Marilyn Monroe Movies.

Saw a few of them and want to see all when I have time.

20. Visit Paris One More Time.

Not a goal but a dream for me! How I miss there!

21. Take A Summer Vacation With Friends.

Our vacations so far were “tete a tete” with my husband. No, I’m not complaning. They were all romantic and wonderful. But once, we want to take one with a crowded group of people we love. Hope next summer of 2013 will be convenient to gather.

22. Have A New Year Party.

I doooo want to throw a new year party! 

23. Go To The Theatre Once A Month.

This winter, I’ll be following the programmes.

24. Get Inked.

Seriously! I’m 30 and I think It’s time.

25. Go Back To My Vegetarian Diet.

I used to be a vegetarian for a long time. Once in a while, I want to go back to my healthy diet. 

26. Make A Music Video With Friends.

A funny one. If we can decide on the song.

27. Cycle All Day Long.

Next Spring.

28. Pink Hair For A Little While.

I always change my mind. One day, I want to be blonde, next day I want to go back to my old copper hair and the next, I want to stay with natural hair. I haven’t decided yet but pink hair will always be my favorite.

29. Read French Books.

Something I need to do…I HAVE TO!

30. Give An Old Furniture A Makeover.

Maybe to give as a gift?

31. Ice Skating.

So Scared of it but I’ll try.

Good luck for me!

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