Five Things J’adore ♥

I feel like I haven’t been posting 5 Things J’Adore for ages! Last time, I posted my fall readings  but since then,  I’ve fallen in love with and saved really cute and awesome stuff!

1. Eiffel Tower Scissors

I adore this scissors! 

Seen here.

2. Zombie Head Cookie Jar.

This year we can’t throw a halloween party as it will be holiday time end of this month and everyone has a plan. But if we have one day or next year, this jar will be on my buffet!

Seen here

3. King Arthur Bed.

This is amazing. I just wish it was a bit higher because I’m in love with high beds!

Seen in Fabolous and Baroque.

4. Faux Fur Neck Warmers.

I’m absolutely spending this winter with one of these around me!

From Michael Kors

From Moore And Moore

5.  Circle Of Starfish Bangle.

Love it!


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