Life Lately

I know I’ve been lazy about blogging lately. I once thought I’ll be online and blogging more and more when I quit my job but seriously,  some days all I do online is checking my e-mails just for 5 minutes. When I was at work, I was more  online haha. 

Life goes on.

There is no drastic changes in our life. Oh wait, I’m a strawberry blonde now!

If you remember, I was dying to be a blonde again ( after 4 years). I was really happy with my natural hair for 2 years and truly I love it. But from time to time, I was experiencing those crisis about my hair and resistless will to change my look. So I could resist till last week. My biggest wish is to have pink hair even if it’s for a week or a month. In order to do this, I have to decolorize my hair. This means ; chemicals and hair damage. I’m 30 and I have no intentions to mess up with my hair unconsciously. So I decided to do it in a safe way ; decolorizing gradually with organic stuff. Right now I’m happy with the results. Maybe I’ll keep this color and be a Venetian blonde.

I’m still working on arranging my daily routines.  Working outs, cooking, cleaning, ironing, reading, a little bit sewing…  The list goes on… I’ve started not one but 2 different cardio pragrams. One of them is killing me but seeing that sweat out of my body really makes me feel great. I’m planning to start pilates at home. I’ve done a little research and found out Allan Menezes. He is Australia’s leading pilates practitioner. They call him pilates’s pioneer in Australia. So I bought his pilates DVDs. I’ll start with the beginner DVD as soon as possible. 

My weekdays seems the same but there is a chance effecting my weekends. I have a student! I’ve begun private english lessons with a sweet  sixth grade. He is lovely! Once a week he comes to our house and we study. He is a bright student and I’m sure he will be very successful. And I’ve started to earn some money which is great. I hope to increase the number of students.

Last week it was a religious holiday and we had time to spend with our families. Family times are the best  ( and the most delicious times!! ). 

Because of this holiday time, this year we are not going to have a halloween part. Yes *sad face*. Last year’s party was awesome and so much fun, we all wanted to make it a yearly thing in our house but… Maybe next year or an unexpected  halloween party can happen anytime!

By the way, I’m working on my blog’s new appereance. Actually, I’ve started in summer time but couldn’t find time to finalize it. At least I want to finish and switch to new theme before 2013.  

With a new theme, I’m planning to share new posts under a new categorie ” My Life According To Iphone”. I’m taking 1000 photos a month! We can’t have all of them printed so from time to time, I’ll be sharing some snapshots of our lives from my Iphone camera.

Now I have to leave because today I’m making a spinach quiche for the first time. If it turns out good, I’ll share the receipe. 



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