Boy is a duo,  based in Hamburg, Germany by Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass. They met at Hamburg’s Hochschule für Musik und Theater in 2005 and became a band in 2007. After being noticed by Herbert Grönemeyer, they were signed to Grönland Records in 2011 by him. Their first album Mutual Friends was released in september 2011. Some of their songs like  ”Little Numbers” was featured in the movie Kein Sex Ist Auch Keine Lösung and on TV, comedy series Knallerfrauen.

They sing in english and won the Hamburg Musician Prize HANS in 2011 in the category Hamburgs Newcomer of the Year, and their album Mutual Friends won the 2012 European Border Breakers Award.

Beside their first debut album Mutual Friends, they have two singles called Skin which was released in march 2012 and Little Numbers released on March 2012

I have this album for a while now and I must say Mutual Friends is one of the albums that I can listen from the first song till the last. Normally I love making playlists of different artists, according to my mood but I promise this girls is perfect for your saturday mornings. 

Their myspace page and official web site. If you want to listen my favorite songs of the album, first listen to this, then this and finally this.

Photo 1//Photo 2//


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